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This whisky was conceived by Jean-Michel Walther wine maker in Luins and Peter Greinig a Scotsman living in Switzerland, importing Scotch whisky, after tasting a certain quantity of Jean-Michel’s wines and Peter’s single malt whiskies one evening, they came the conclusion that they should make there own whisky.

Putting together there mutual knowledge of wines and spirits a ask that had held Sherry made in Luins for 7 years, Jean-Michel and Peter waited 9 years for there whisky to age and mature to present Walter’s whisky.


colour :  Deep Mahogany

Nose :   Nice rich dried fruits, hint of spices and ginger, caramel, subtile hint of wood and peat.

Palate :  The Sherry cask coming through, dried fruits, toffee, wood, spices blended together to                                     

create a sublime whisky.

Finish :   Rich and Spicy a hint of smoke.

WALTER’S whisky

Affiné en barrique de Sherry

Age statement 10 years

No. bottles 1/400

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Poids 1.35 kg
Dimensions 1 cm

50 cl