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This whisky was conceived by Jean-Michel Walther, wine maker in Luins Switzerland and Peter Greinig a Scotsman living in Switzerland, importing whisky. After tasting a certain quantity of Jean-Michel’s wines and Peter’s single cask whiskies one evening, they came to the conclusion that they should make their own whisky.

Putting together their combined knowledge of wines and spirits and using a cask that had held Sherry made by Jean-Michel from his vineyard in Luins and aged for 7 years, Jean-Michel and Peter made their whisky and waited 10 years before they decided it was time to bottle. 

Having kept this secret from family and friends they are proud now in 2022 to present:

Walther’s Whisky

Tasting Notes:

Colour : Deep Mahogany

Nose :    Nice rich dried fruits, hints of Christmas spices, ginger, substile hint of wood.

Palate :   The Sherry cask coming to life, dried fruits, toffee, wood, spices blending together        to make  a sublime whisky.

Finish :  Rich  Spicy nice and long.

Age Statement 10 years – Bottled October 2022 – Alc/Vol 47%

No. Bottles …. / 396 

We hope you enjoy drinking this whisky as much as Jean-Michel and Peter enjoyed making it, you will always be welcome to visit La Cave de La Rose D’Or in Luins where Jean-Michel has his vineyard or at The Scotsman’s Tasting room and warehouse in Orbe where Peter keeps his great collection of whiskies.  


Jean-Michel Walther Peter Greinig

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