Cave de la Rose d’Or
Famille Walther

Chemin de la Viborne 1
1184 Luins (Vaud – Suisse)
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At the estate at the beginning of the last century, Eugène Walther, Jean-Michel’s grandfather, created La Rose d’Or and began marketing vinified wines. Since the 1990s, the current owner has taken over the family business and diversified an already very eclectic production.

The eight references of his beginnings have been transformed into about twenty specialities with more or less enigmatic names.

  • Le Curieux, a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Aligoté and the best white wine of the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse 2015, takes its name from its originality.
  • On 1903, a blend of Merlot and Diolinoir aged in wood, refers to the creation of the company.
  • Patience refers to a long-keeping Malbec and Monchery to a soft red with intense cherry accents.

Intense emotion, The Fruit of my Passion, If my Father Knew it or My Mother told me (to create a great Merlot) are so many curiosities that Jean-Michel Walther brings to life from his four hectares of vines. A talented winemaker, this aviation and motorcycle enthusiast enjoys direct contact with his customers. Its superb cellar, built about ten years ago, hosts several events each month that give pride of place to gourmet dishes, but also to oenological discoveries, since the one who describes himself as the cellar master of the Rose d’Or cellar does not hesitate, during these evenings, to put his wines in competition with stars from the world’s vineyards.