AligotéAligoté ripens early and produces dry and fresh white wines with a touch of minerality and a golden colour. These wines should be drunk young, to enjoy their freshness.
AltesseThe Highness generally produces dry wines, relatively aromatic, with sometimes spicy flavours. Able to age well, these wines have a certain body and give some of the most interesting whites in the region.
ChardonnayChardonnay has a high qualitative potential, making it possible to produce dry, sparkling or even sweet wines. These wines are full of finesse, powerful and ample, and offer complex fruit aromas, enhanced by a few mineral notes.
ChasselasThe Chasselas has the great quality of being perfectly immersed in the character and typicity of the terroir on which it has grown, thus admirably reflecting each of its particularities. The primary aromas are supported and transcended by the work of the winegrower. Chasselas is the vaudois grape variety par excellence.
MalvoisieMalvasia (also known as Pinot Gris) is distinguished by a beautiful yellow and gold colour and a discreet nose. It is also well structured, dense and has a supple, almost buttered fullness. Malvasia also produces sweet, unctuous wines.