DiolinoirDiolinoir gives a fine wine for ageing, round, full-bodied, with a beautiful dark red colour and purple reflections, generally with rather mellow tannins and medium acidity. Long used as a blending wine, it is nowadays very often vinified alone.
GamaretGamaret produces wines with a dark red colour, well structured, powerful, dense, with distinctly spicy aromas, with notes of ripe red and black berries. Gamaret is not a lightweight, so it is best suited for cool days.
GaranoirThe Garanoir, with its low acidity, is considered an ideal blending wine. It gives any cuvée a sustained colour, body and fat. It goes perfectly with other red grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Gamay and even Gamaret.
MalbecMalbec makes it possible to obtain well-coloured wines, perfumed with aromas of spices, dried fruits, black currants, plums or game. They are tannic and suitable for ageing.
MerlotMerlot is distinguished by its dark and sustained colour, its elegant and seductive fruitiness, as well as its remarkable suppleness. Merlot can produce very interesting wines full of finesse, as long as the work is meticulous and the exposure is ideal.
Pinot NoirPinot Noir is a very demanding grape variety, difficult to cultivate, which does not tolerate too much or too little sunlight and which mercilessly sanctions the slightest error by the winegrower or the slightest excess of productivity. Pinot noirs are generally light and fruity.
SyrahSyrah produces superb and dense wines. This late ripening grape variety is very demanding from a climatic point of view. Syrah mainly gives the red blends more colour and strength, as well as the spicy opulence that is characteristic of it.