Grape varieties

The canton of Vaud, with its impressive diversity of terroirs and extraordinary terraced vineyards, has a unique strength.

Any great wine worthy of this name is above all a terroir wine. A wine that faithfully reflects the richness of the soil, the microclimate and the work of the men and women who take care of it. A wine with character and personality, that tells a story and with which you can identify. A wine that only has the characteristics of its grape variety can be interesting but without any real interest for experienced tasters.

On the other hand, what a joy when a grape variety wine is combined with some notes from the terroir from which it comes! And this is precisely the strength of the canton of Vaud. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Chasselas, Malvoisie, Chardonnay or Malbec, Garanoir or Dolinoir, since the most important thing is the firm desire to bring together quality and the great terroirs, in order to collect, year after year, the best that nature is prepared to offer us: authentic and inimitable wines.

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